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The most advanced restock tool on the market. Equiped with a multi-platform desktop app and a chrome extension, you won't ever miss a release again.

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$40 + $25/month



Equiped with over 90 different scripts ( excluding script options ), in-built monitors & a DIY solution, the extension allows you to go for any release weither it's a bot restock or a hyped shoe release.

Desktop App

We offer a cross platform Desktop application unlike any other on market which contains an in-built Discord monitor, Twitter monitor & special features created specifically for bot restocks.

Private Server

We offer 24/7 support in a private Discord server, where we also provide guides & pings prior to restocks. Our monitors are also running within the server.

Frequently Asked Questions

We operate on all operating systems. For Windows, we offer a classic EXE runnable file and for MAC & Linux, a JAR is available. Our software is equiped with a Auto-Updating feature which makes sure you never miss out on the new features we add.

We restock mainly through our Twitter @DeadSuite once a month or on special occasions. We always announce a restock in advance so make sure you follow us !

As of 11/11/2020, a DeadSuite license has a one time fee of $40 and a monthly recurring subscription of $25. You can cancel your subscription anytime, however, the license will be getting destroyed at the end of the cycle.